Car-Pool Lanes

Our readers wrote letters throughout 1989 expressing their viewpoints on a variety of issues. Here are condensed versions of some of those letters. We appreciate their taking the time to share their viewpoints and look forward to hearing from more of them in 1990.

Poor guy. There you sit in bumper-to-bumper traffic on the Costa Mesa Freeway while, as you put it, “surfers, housewives, moronic motorcyclists and gardeners sail merrily along in the commuter lane.”

Hey, sorry. The rest of us lowlifes were unaware of the fact that you are a big-time businessman-salesman-consultant and unable to use the commuter lane because you don’t carry passengers.

Maybe Caltrans should designate lanes according to job status: businessmen getting the commuter lane and fast lane; commuters, housewives and surfers the next two lanes, and those always-obnoxious gardeners in the slow lane.


If you were serious about your dilemma, you would be trying to find alternatives such as different routes, adjusting your hours or even another line of work rather than blaming it on Caltrans or crying the blues to the editorial page of The Times. I commute 60 miles a day. I don’t like it, but at least I don’t whine about it.


Los Alamitos