Regarding Artesia-Bellflower-Cerritos Unified School District:

There is no such school district!

At the time that the ABC district was created, Bellflower High School had been established "west of the river" (first in the Bellflower district).

Cerritos (successor to Dairy Valley) had not been conceived as yet.

It should have read: "Artesia-Bloomfield-Carmenita"--the three original school districts that comprise the present ABC Unified School District.

How do I know?

As publisher of the Artesia News at the time of consolidation, we found the name too unwieldy to be utilized--it could not fit in a headline and took up two lines of space whenever mentioned in a story.

We shortened the name to "ABC" for our convenience, also noting that it had a connotation applicable to learning.

Thus, "ABC" was adopted by the school board at their organizational meeting when the district was affirmed. Otherwise, allow me to congratulate you on a well-researched story!



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