Big Move

Where will John Conboy take "Santa Barbara"?

The former exec producer of "Capitol" and producer of "The Young & the Restless" and "Love Is a Many Splendored Thing" has been at work unofficially at "SB" for several days in the newly created post of senior exec producer. But he tells us it's too soon for a definite game plan.

"Right now, it's a little early for me to make some judgmental comments on where I'm going with the show," Conboy said, "because I'm just getting to know the people and meet them."

Conboy did reveal that the characters of Cruz (played by A Martinez) and Eden (Marcy Walker) will get back together romantically, possibly on an exotic location.

"SB" has been a perennial Emmy winner--eight last June, including best daytime drama--but a ratings flop. NBC and New World Prod. began working out a deal last September to lure Conboy to the soap; he'll take over officially later this month.

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