A Yank in Japan

Concerning "The Mr. Know-It-All of Japan," Dec. 31:

I recently returned from two months of working as an entertainer in Tokyo. I often tuned in "at any hour of the day or night" and I saw Dave Spector only once on television. His command of the language was indeed admirable, but his incredibly self-centered, egomaniacal attitude is pathetic.

For him to say, in Alan Brown's article, that "people from Utah don't count" or that he "should have gone back and continued" his career (as if making $500,000 in Japan is somehow not as good as making it in the United States) is indicative of his own "warped look at life."


In Brown's article, Spector is quoted as saying that two of three other Americans getting wide exposure on Japanese TV are Mormons, and he adds: "Talk about a warped look at life."

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