New Technology?

Re "Zap! Into the Nineties" by Jack Mathews, Dec. 31:

Interesting that a form of technology that was introduced years ago at the same time as Beta tape machines is all of a sudden being touted as the "latest newest."

Why wasn't this wonderful laser disc equipment sold to us years ago? Because this way there's more money to be made. Now that you have all that tape equipment and software, the industry introduces this wonderful "new" equipment and software format.

Now that equipment manufacturers (read Sony-Japan) are in the software business, it is in their interest to rid the consumer of the ability to record. Ever notice that all this new equipment (CDs, laser discs) can't record?

Please next time give us a news story, not a puff piece for the Hollywood-Japan industry.

ROGER R. HENSEL, Redondo Beach

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