The Irvine Co.'s Plan for a Bigger East Orange

Re the East Orange petition drive: I applaud Dottie Thrdecek, Terri Sargeant, Sharon Seibert and everyone else who is working to see that all city of Orange residents have a chance to vote on the future of their city and the quality of their lives.

It is unfortunate that all Orange County residents will not have the chance to vote on the East Orange development and others like it. The 12,350 homes, 347,000 additional daily car trips, destruction of natural open space and wildlife habitat, crushing gridlock and unhealthful air will affect everyone who lives in Orange County.

Add to this the tens of thousands of homes planned and under construction in Orange and Riverside counties, the three new freeways and proposed private toll roads, paid for by fees on more development, and we are looking at the last of Orange County as we now know it. That may make the Irvine Co. fatter and happier, but it will leave you and me in the middle of paradise lost.



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