NAMES IN THE NEWS : Tom Cruise, Wife to Divorce

From Times Wire Services

Actor Tom Cruise and actress-wife Mimi Rogers have decided to end their marriage of nearly three years, saying they have been unable to resolve undisclosed issues plaguing their relationship.

“We have decided to file for divorce,” the couple said today in a joint statement released by publicist Andrea Jaffe.

Cruise, 27, and Rogers, 33, were married in New York on May 9, 1987, in a private ceremony conducted by a Unitarian minister. Actor Emilio Estevez was best man.


“While there have been very positive aspects to our marriage, there were some issues which could not be resolved even after working on them for a period of time,” the couple’s statement said without elaboration.

“Anyone who has been through this type of situation will understand that it is a complicated and difficult decision.”

Cruise, star of the movie “Top Gun,” “The Color of Money,” “Taps,” “The Outsiders,” “Risky Business,” “Rain Man” and the current box office hit “Born on the Fourth of July,” added a personal statement.

“This has been a time when I have been the focus of much attention,” he said. “When I was asked direct questions by the press about my marriage, I felt that to compromise our privacy was to compromise a basic trust.

“I hope that can be understood.”

Rogers, who starred in the movies “Gung Ho,” “Streetwise” and “Someone to Watch Over Me,” did not make a personal statement.