NAMES IN THE NEWS : Lee Remick Victor Over Cancer

Compiled from Times Wire and Staff Reports

Lee Remick says she's been given a clean bill of health after battling cancer and now wants to revive her career.

"I'm very lucky," said Remick, 54, in Boston last week to receive the Jack Lemmon Award, given by the Wang Center to an outstanding performing artist with a Massachusetts connection. "They treated me with all sorts of extraordinary things and removed a kidney. Then they continued to take my picture ad nauseam, and they see nothing now. It's amazing."

Remick, who grew up in Quincy, was diagnosed with lung and kidney cancer last spring. After treatment at a Maryland hospital, Remick recuperated at her home in Osterville on Cape Cod with her husband, producer Kip Gowans.

Remick is busy reading scripts but hasn't found one to interest her yet.

"If I were offered a good feature film, I would do it, certainly. But I haven't been. Nothing really tantalizing has come my way."

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