Glendale College Orders Ban on Indoor Smoking

The Glendale College Board of Trustees has voted unanimously to prohibit smoking in the buildings on its campus.

The ban was approved Monday and will take effect in two weeks to allow students and staff to adjust to the new rules. It affects smoking in the student cafeteria, in faculty and staff dining rooms and in private offices on campus.

Smoking has been prohibited in the classrooms for many years. Smoking will be allowed outdoors, except in posted areas.

"If the airlines can do it, then Glendale Community College can do it," said Board President Ted Tiffany. College staff proposed the ban as a way to protect nonsmokers' rights to clean air, said Thomas M. Fallo, vice president of administrative services.

There are no guidelines for enforcing the policy. "Peer pressure will probably be sufficient for the present time," Fallo said.

Student Body President Tod Campbell said that student opinion was mixed on the issue. Some smokers are not pleased with the ban, but it is timely and appropriate, considering the health benefits of such a measure, he said.

Trustee Robert K. Holmes also proposed a ban on selling cigarettes at the college. Supt. John Davitt said that the only source of cigarettes on campus, a vending machine near the science building, is to be eliminated by March 1.

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