NAMES IN THE NEWS : Duvall Shags With Best of Them

From Times Wire Services

"Days of Thunder" turned into a night of dancing for actor Robert Duvall, who took a break from the filming of his new movie to attend a shag dancing competition.

For those who don't know, the shag is South Carolina's official state dance, a step performed to rhythm and blues that isn't as energetic as jitterbug.

Duvall, in Darlington this week filming Paramount Picture's "Days of Thunder" starring Tom Cruise, danced during breaks and handed out awards Saturday at the contest at a local nightclub.

"He's a very good beginning shagger," said Barry Thigpen, contest organizer.

Duvall, 58, who had several women waiting in line to dance, told emcee Diane Devaughn Stokes he prefers the jitterbug.

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