SHORT TAKES : Samurai Actor to Be Deported

From Times Wire Services

Japanese actor Shintaro Katsu, who has played a blind swordsman fighting evil in more than 20 samurai films, was ordered Monday to be deported from Hawaii for drug possession.

Katsu's attorney, James Koshiba, said he would file notice of an appeal and the deportation order, issued by an immigration judge, was automatically stayed for 10 days.

Katso, whose real name is Toshio Okumura, was fined $1,000 on Jan. 16 for drug possession and ordered to pay $350 in court costs. He was originally charged on two counts of importing a controlled substance after a customs agent said he found 0.34 ounces of marijuana and 0.06 ounces of cocaine in a cloth bag in Katsu's underwear. Under an agreement, Katsu, 58, was allowed to plead guilty to a single count.

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