Alhambra : Valley Blvd. Plan Advances

A 14-month effort to draft a development plan for Valley Boulevard entered its last phase Monday night as the City Council voted unanimously to give the plan preliminary approval.

The plan designates what types of developments--hotels, offices, restaurants, apartments--would be permitted along the boulevard's three-mile stretch through Alhambra.

The council also approved four amendments recommended by the Planning Commission, including one that would exclude a residential area near Fremont Avenue and Shorb Street from the plan. Homeowners there had told the council that they wanted to protect their neighborhood from being rezoned for commercial use.

During the preparation of the plan, the city imposed a building moratorium along the busy commercial corridor. If the plan receives final approval next month, the moratorium, which was supposed to last until January, 1991, would be lifted, Councilman Boyd Condie said.

A final vote is scheduled for April 9.

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