Congestion in Calabasas

Caltrans’ preferred plan for the interchange at Valley Circle Boulevard has provoked controversy, resulting in lawsuits initiated by the Leonis Adobe and various homeowner groups. Unfortunately, they fail to focus on the real problem of growth.

In the last five to 10 years, Calabasas and Calabasas Park have seen the arrival of Lockheed’s corporate headquarters, two car dealerships, two restaurant renovations and expansions, a hotel, at least five major residential developments and numerous office buildings that now line Calabasas Road from Mulholland to beyond Sperling Nursery.

The Leonis Adobe itself contributed to that commercialization and growth. The adobe owns the land beneath the Leonis Plaza, an office and retail building. The Sagebrush Cantina is another tenant of the adobe’s. The success of these commercial operations of the adobe has added to the traffic congestion, not only in Old Town Calabasas but in the community at large. It is not unusual to see traffic backed up on the overpass to Calabasas. During the rush-hour period, traffic to Calabasas obstructs the flow of traffic from Leonora Drive (Ventura Boulevard) and from the Ventura Freeway to Valley Circle Boulevard.

Reality is that Old Town Calabasas no longer exists as a rustic and rural community. Further development is already planned. Caltrans is seeking an interchange that will meet the growing needs of all the west end of the Valley.



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