U.S. Bishops' PR Campaign Against Abortion

Novak is upset because of the heat the Catholic bishops are taking over their opposition to abortion. Why, he asks, were these same bishops cheered when they favored a nuclear freeze and progressive views on economics? There are several reasons. First, the bishops' public efforts to kick out of the Catholic Church any politician who differs with them on the abortion issue repels those of us who cherish freedom of expression. Many women see the church's campaign as a thinly disguised attempt to keep them pregnant and in the kitchen.

Just a quick glance over our southern border will show anyone with eyes in his head the terrible effects of the bishops' opposition to any form of birth control or abortion: wretched poverty, overcrowding, and a vast army of young people with no way to earn a living. These same young Latin Americans are flooding across our borders, creating problems in this country. The reluctance of the French drug company that invented an abortion pill, which could cure many other diseases, to market it in this country because of gangster-like threats from the anti-abortionists, also repels those of us who cherish freedom.

No, Mr. Novak, this is no "happy day" as you would have us believe. This is a case of a church that is still operating as it did in the Middle Ages. And the most sickening part is that, because churches don't pay taxes, they are indirectly using our tax dollars to finance their nonsense. For shame!



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