Bush Pumps Up Fitness Month With Some Well-Muscled Help

<i> Associated Press</i>

President Bush declared “war on couch potatoes” Tuesday as he kicked off National Physical Fitness and Sports Month by golfing, pedaling, shooting baskets and pitching horseshoes on the White House grounds.

It was all part of Bush’s star-studded “Great American Workout.”

The White House lawn was transformed into an outdoor gym as Bush took a turn at demonstrating physical activities along with well known athletes and his national fitness chairman, bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger.

“Read my hips: No more flab!” Schwarzenegger declared, paraphrasing the President’s campaign pledge about taxes.


He and Bush made the rounds on the South Lawn as sports figures and other celebrities pumped iron, performed aerobic routines and demonstrated martial arts and cross-country skiing techniques.

The guests included Olympic track stars Carl Lewis and Jackie Joyner Kersee. Fitness pioneer Jack LaLanne wore a skin-tight, purple jumpsuit and “Saturday Night Live” comic Kevin Nealon showed up in the overstuffed sweats he wears for the “Hans and Franz” bodybuilding skits.