Fashion : A SPECIAL REPORT: SPRING INTO FALL : The Ones to Watch

Designer: Pamela Baczuk. Collection: Pamela Baczuk, since 1990. Description: Romantic, prim and proper hats for Susan Lane’s Country Elegance shop in Toluca Lake and outrageous flights of fancy for Bill Whitten’s hot new Melrose Avenue boutique. Opinion: “I’ve always had two sides of me--the antique and the avant-garde. I now have creative outlets for both sides.”

Designer: Claudia Gersh. Collection: Helios knitwear for women, since 1990. Description: Body-conscious clothes with wit at Tiziana and Fred Segal. Opinion: “People interpret fashion their own way--there are no long or short rules--women have the opportunity to express themselves individually.”

Designer: Renee Gunter. Collection: Industrial Wear, accessories, since 1985. Description: Multi-function accessories that pare down the daily load. Industrial Wear, P.O. Box 1626, Studio City, Calif. 91604. Opinion: “If a piece is well designed, it looks good and has a function that addresses more than one use. So by having what you need--and no more than that--you can conserve and eliminate waste.”

Designer: Judy Knight. Collection: TYR swimsuits, since 1989. Description: Suits with a slippery shine for athletes and hopefuls. At Oshman’s, Big 5 Sporting Goods and Scuba House in Santa Monica. Opinion: “The competitive swimwear market is exploding with innovative designs. It’s like what happened in the ski wear market with wild color, crazy patterns and innovative designing features.”


Designer: Pari Malek. Collection: Custom-made evening clothes, since 1982. Description: Conservatively cut evening wear with opulent beading, custom orders and Giorgio Beverly Hills. Opinion: “The city of L.A. is very inspirational for a designer, since it is a melting pot of designers from all over the world.”