Perez Unlikely to Make U.S. World Cup Team

Midfielder Hugo Perez probably will not be named to the 22-man roster that will play for the U.S. national soccer team at the World Cup, which begins one month from today in Italy, U.S. Coach Bob Gansler said.

Perez recently resumed training after breaking a bone in his right leg in March while playing for a team in France’s second division.

“It is possible, but not likely,” Gansler said when asked about Perez’s prospects for joining the team in Italy. “Hugo is a very gifted player, one who we would like to have as part of our World Cup squad. But we still don’t know for sure when he would be ready to play full out. At this point, it is not likely that he would be part of our 22-man squad.”

Because of injuries, Perez played in only two of the World Cup qualifying games between July, 1988 and November, 1989. Since July, 1988, he has played in five of 27 international matches.


The U.S. Soccer Federation also announced that Roy Wegerle, an English first division player for Queens Park Rangers who is married to an American, will not receive his U.S. citizenship until July and will not be eligible to play for the United States in the World Cup.

The United States resumes preparation the World Cup Wednesday night with an exhibition game in Hershey, Pa., against Poland.