FILLMORE-PIRU : Group to Advise Council on Growth

A citizens group concerned with the future development of the Fillmore-Piru area will be recognized as an official advisory committee to the Fillmore City Council.

The East Santa Clara River Valley Study Group was formed in January to oppose a proposed greenbelt agreement between the city of Fillmore and the County Board of Supervisors. The proposal, which has since been shelved because of community opposition, would have preserved open space and agricultural uses on more than 30,000 acres in the Fillmore-Piru area.

The committee, composed of small farmers, citrus growers and large landowners, supports an agreement to preserve the area from premature or haphazard development, spokesman Bill Darlington said.

The group, however, decided that the agreement fails to take local needs into account, placing the responsibility for changes in the hands of county officials.


“Initially, the group was opposed to any kind of greenbelt,” Darlington said. “Now we’re trying to examine the issues not addressed by the standard greenbelt, and seek some kind of alternative.”

The council will recognize the committee at its next meeting May 22.

The group intends to write an alternative to the greenbelt agreement and to seek recognition from the Board of Supervisors on planning issues for the area.