D.A. Says Shooting by Police in Auto-Theft Case Was Justified


The non-fatal shooting in December of an armed auto-theft suspect by a San Diego police officer was ruled justified by the district attorney’s office. The decision was made public Friday by the San Diego Police Department.

The shooting of Javier Camacho came after he and his brother, Raul Camacho, lead a San Diego police officer on a high-speed chase on southbound Interstate 5. National City police officer Mark Blaha and a Border Patrol agent later joined a foot chase of Javier Camacho. It was during the foot chase that Javier Camacho was shot once in the buttocks. Each of the three officers fired at Javier Camacho, and each had a different type of gun. But, because the bullet was not removed from Camacho’s buttocks, the district attorney could not determine which officer actually hit him.

According to a letter to San Diego Police Chief Bob Burgreen from Michael R. Pent, deputy district attorney: On Dec. 7, the Camacho brothers were in a car that had been stolen the night before when they were spotted by a San Diego police officer on a downtown street. The men were chased by Police Officer Enrique Jemmott when they entered the freeway.

During the chase, Raul Camacho fired about three shots at the Jemmott’s car. The car drove off the freeway and stopped at an embankment. Javier Camacho ran from the car with a revolver in his hand. He was chased by the three officers. When he reached a chain-link fence, he ducked behind a tree. The officers opened fire and Javier Camacho was shot in the buttocks.