CAL STATE NORTHRIDGE : Student Officers Support Campus Recycling Plan

The student government at Cal State Northridge is supporting a proposal to set up a campuswide paper, metal, plastic and glass recycling program.

David J. Weiss, the student senator who proposed the program, said this week that he hoped recycling would more than pay for itself while reducing the university’s waste-disposal expenses.

“We hope to generate enough revenue to maintain the program and for any excess to go back to the students through the Associated Students fund,” Weiss, referring to the campus government, said.

The program will cost about $4,000 to set up and is to be administered by a student who will be paid to maintain campus recycling bins and to help educate and encourage students to recycle.


The recycling bins would be placed in convenient areas on campus that generate a large amount of recyclable waste, such as computer rooms, Weiss said.

The proposal will go before the Faculty Senate next fall and must be approved by President James W. Cleary before it can take effect.

“There was a community recycling center located near campus, but it closed down in the 1980s because there was a perceived lack of interest,” Weiss said.

Now, he said, “Recycling is long overdue. It’s time for CSUN to be a leader in the efforts to recycle again.”