Usual May-June Gloom Pattern Will Hinder Suntan Efforts


The recent pattern of morning clouds, partly sunny afternoons and cool temperatures is expected to prevail through the weekend, making for great softball and soccer weather but bringing disappointment to beach-goers.

“So far May is living up to its reputation as a cloudy month,” National Weather Service forecaster Wilbur Shigehara said. “May and June are the cloudiest months of the year here. So it’s not surprising to have ‘June gloom’ conditions. This is pretty normal.”

The condition is a result of a low-pressure system hovering over the West, contributing to an onshore flow and deepening the marine layer which is causing the clouds to flow in.

“The tourists who walk along the beaches this weekend may not like the weather,” Shigehara said. “Most come to San Diego thinking it’s sunny and warm, and are surprised it’s cloudy this time of year.


“It’s what makes San Diego so wonderful. In the winter months we have sunshine, which warms things up.”

The low pressure should fade by Sunday, bringing more sunshine and warmer temperatures.

Beach temperatures should remain cool this weekend, with highs of 64 to 69 degrees. Highs on the coastal strip should reach 66 to 72 degrees and 68 to 74 in the inland valleys today and Saturday. Overnight lows are expected to drop to 55 to 62 on the coast and 50 to 57 inland. Temperatures will rise 2 to 4 degrees by Sunday.

Daytime mountain temperatures are expected to reach 58 to 64 and fall nightly to near-freezing levels of 34 to 44. The deserts may get up to 93 degrees and fall to 58 to 66 overnight.

Surf is expected to be 2 to 3 feet. The water temperature is 66 degrees.