NATION : Subway Robber Kills Bystander

From Times Wire Services

A subway robber took $30 from a man on a train today and then shot and killed another passenger who rose from his seat and yelled, “Leave him alone.”

The armed bandit staged his holdup in the next-to-last car of a train that was approaching a Lower Manhattan subway station shortly after 6 a.m., said Al O’Leary, a transit police spokesman.

As the robber took $30 from his victim, a man seated in the middle of the car, identified as Antonio Gonzalez, 45, rose from his seat and yelled at the gunman, “Leave him alone!” O’Leary said.

The remark prompted the gunman to walk to the middle of the car, where another man, who had been seated next to Gonzalez, got up to confront the robber, O’Leary said. The bandit fired his weapon at that man but the gun jammed.


Gonzalez then stood up again, inciting the gunman to pull the trigger once more, killing Gonzalez, O’Leary said.

The gunman fled the train at the next stop.