OXNARD : Officers Pull Couple From Burning Car

Two Oxnard police officers Monday rescued a couple from their burning car.

Officers Larry Eklund and Scott Hebert were on patrol when they noticed smoke and flames coming from beneath a car parked in the lot next to Del Sol Park at Rose Avenue and Colonia Road, Lt. Tom Cady said.

Vita Torres, 38, and her husband, Simon Torres, 39, both of Oxnard, appeared to be either asleep or unconscious in the front seat of the car. The engine was still running, Cady said.

Hebert fought the flames with the extinguisher from the patrol car as Eklund tried to rouse the couple.


Unable to wake them, Eklund pulled the couple, who later awoke, from the vehicle.

Neither of them sustained injuries, Cady said.

It appeared that excess grease or oil in the engine compartment caused the fire, Cady said.