Buena High School Students Honor Staff

The tables were turned Wednesday morning at Buena High School in Ventura as members of the student body served up breakfast and awards to the school staff during the annual Staff Appreciation Breakfast.

Nearly 100 school employees from custodian to principal shuffled through the line in the school cafeteria, waiting for students to dish up scrambled eggs and ham.

The students handed out awards to various teachers, and named English and journalism teacher Robert Pease teacher of the year. Pease also coaches the school’s team for the Knowledge Bowl, an annual academic competition among county high schools.

The breakfast is an end-of-the-year tradition, said Diane Harriman, English teacher and director of student activities. “We have such a great staff, and they are generally supportive of student activities,” she said. “And this bunch of kids is so neat.”


Student body President Jon Kirby, 17, said the breakfast is a way for students to show appreciation to teachers and staff.

“It’s neat because they don’t often get honored,” he said. “They’re more than just teachers; they’re educators and friends. They don’t just come to work and then go home, and they don’t get paid outstanding amounts of money to do this.”

The students organized the event, arriving at school early to prepare the food and decorate the cafeteria.

“I feel lucky this is my home school,” Assistant Principal Judy Bysshe said. “Throughout the year they are tremendous kids.”