Dad’s Dead, Sobbing Son Said on 911 : Crime: Police tape of one of the Menendez brothers accused of killing their parents is released.


Police released a tape recording today of the emergency 911 call in which one of the Menendez brothers charged with their parents’ killing reported the two slayings in a sobbing, gasping voice.

“Someone killed my dad,” were the first words choked out by the weeping caller as a woman dispatcher asked repeatedly, “What’s the problem?”

It was not clear whether the caller was Lyle Menendez, 22, or his brother, Erik, 19. Both are charged with the Aug. 20, 1989, shotgun slayings of entertainment executive Jose Menendez and his wife, Kitty, in their Beverly Hills home.

The tape, which lasts about a minute, consists mostly of the young man sobbing and screaming while the dispatcher and an assistant try to calm him down long enough to find out what has happened.


They asked him repeatedly who had been shot and after sobs and gasps he finally said, “My mom and dad.”

At one point the caller sobbed, “I came home and found them.”

The second dispatcher, who by then had joined the conversation trying to calm down the caller, asked who had been shot.

“My mom and dad,” the man sobbed.

The call ended with a dispatcher saying that an ambulance was on the way and the young man continuing to cry.

The tape also contains a brief call from the 911 dispatcher to the house but the tape quality made it difficult to decipher who was speaking. The only thing heard was a man’s voice saying, “I’m outside.”

Prosecutors contend that the boys committed the murders to collect a $14-million inheritance. Jose Menendez was an executive with Live Entertainment Inc., a video distribution company.