Singin’ Blues for Trees

According to the National Academy of Sciences, the world’s equatorial rain forests at one time covered 14% of the Earth’s surface. These forests have been reduced by more than half. Most of that destruction has taken place in the past 40 years, and the rate of destruction is accelerating. If deforestation continues at its current pace, the experts say, rain forests will cease to exist by 2050.

On Tuesday night, you can play a part in the preservation of this life-sustaining ecosystem.

The Ventura Theatre will host a benefit concert with all proceeds going to the Rainforest Action Network. The organization has played a key role in the worldwide rain forest conservation movement by supporting activists in tropical countries, as well as organizing and mobilizing consumers and community action groups throughout the United States.

The benefit features the veteran performers Taj Mahal and Leo Kottke. Quite an evening for blues fans.


Taj Mahal performs an eclectic form of blues, drawing equally from Caribbean music styles, early jazz and traditional blues.

Kottke, lauded as a consummate performer, brings an intricate picking pattern and a wry sense of humor to each performance.

The show kicks off with special guest performer Phil Cody at 8 p.m. The theater is at 26 S. Chestnut St., Ventura. Tickets are $17.50. For information, call 648-1888.