Malibu : Candidate Quits Race

Saying that he does not have sufficient time to campaign, Robert W. Rhee has abandoned his race for the City Council and has asked his supporters to vote for Larry Wan.

Rhee, a tax accountant, becomes the second candidate to quit the race. Television game show announcer Gene Wood said he was quitting his campaign after officials at CBS expressed concern that they might have to provide air time to other candidates as a result of Wood's appearances on "Family Feud." However, both men's names will appear on the June 5 ballot.

Rhee's withdrawal leaves 30 candidates actively seeking the five City Council seats voters will select at the same time they decide whether Malibu becomes a city.

The field includes two announced write-in candidates, attorney Sam Birenbaum and surf shop owner Jefferson Wagner, better known as Zuma Jay.

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