A loaf of bread, a jug of...

A loaf of bread, a jug of wine and . . . a good lawyer.

A poll of marrieds and singles has found that 61% of Angelenos would sign a prenuptial agreement, contrasted with 51% elsewhere.

But if getting hitched required a change of jobs, just 22% locally said they would walk down the aisle, contrasted with 35% of those questioned in nine other cities by Trade-Off Marketing Services of Encino and Consumer Pulse of Birmingham, Mich.

And if a trip to the altar would require moving to another state, only 37% of the Angelenos would say I do, matched against 70% nationally.


In L.A., as the poet said, love conquers some.

The arrival of a brand of bottled water called Santa Barbara in Southland stores moved Jay Malinowski of the Metropolitan Water District to quip:

“First, Santa Barbara the soap (opera), and now Santa Barbara the water. No wonder they’re having a drought up there--they’ve put the stuff on sale!”

One of the first talents a schoolchild acquires is the ability to make and throw paper planes.

Students in 14 L.A.-area elementary schools received some advanced training in that and other disciplines recently when they were visited by airline pilots, flight engineers and Air Force and Navy officers during an aerospace career day.

Now, the kids will get a chance to compete in the Great American Paper Airplane Toss-Off Contest at Warner Park in Woodland Hills, from 4 to 6 p.m. Thursday.

Prizes ranging from flight bags to airline trips will be offered to make up for the fact that some of the usual fun will be missing. Teachers will not serve as targets.

You may recall how the HOLLYWOOD sign was once changed to read CALTECH by mischievous students. During the Pasadena school’s recent Ditch Day, in which underclass students are challenged to perform seemingly impossible tasks, senior Frederick Roeber targeted the red light atop the Capitol Records Tower. It normally flashes “Hollywood” in Morse Code. The idea was to reprogram it to blink, “Caltech.” No one succeeded--this time.

And, now, for a golden oldie during this political season: Robert Curtis of Sherman Oaks notes that a certain bumper sticker has been affixed for “a long time” to a street sign at the corner of Ventura Boulevard and Coldwater Canyon Avenue--perhaps dating to the 1964 presidential campaign of a candidate who was never accused of veering to the left.

Responding to our call for readers to suggest water-conservation measures that have been overlooked, Al Hix of Hollywood suggests that the clubs in that area convert from mud to dirt-wrestling.


The wettest 24-hour-period recorded in L.A. occurred Jan. 25-26, 1956, when 6.11 inches of rain fell.