Host Families Are Sought for Exchange Student Program

The International Education Program is seeking South Bay families and individuals to play host to European students who will work for local businesses this summer as part of an international work exchange project.

The students are part of a statewide exchange enabling more than 200 European students to work in California for the summer while an equal number of Americans from 50 California colleges and universities go to work in Europe.

Companies employing the IEP students have included Disneyland, American Tours International, Prudential Bache Securities, Bank of America, Embassy Suites and Holiday Inn.

College students from West Germany, France, Belgium, Switzerland and Finland have been coming to work in California for nearly 20 years. This summer, program officials hope to include four East German applicants.


Participants come to California to improve their English, gain international work experience and learn about American culture by living with a California host.

Students pay $240 for room and board.

Interested families and individuals should call (714) 856-1005.