Quarry’s Eye Cut by Promoter, Not Kitchen Cabinet

Jerry Quarry’s right eye was apparently cut by a punch from fight promoter John Ellis, not by a kitchen cabinet door, as was reported Wednesday.

Ellis planned to stage a fight between Quarry, 45, and a journeyman named Paul Bradshaw in Lake Geneva, Wis., June 9.

According to Billy Gray, Quarry’s adviser, and other sources, a dispute erupted Monday between Quarry’s trainer, Guy Ditmars, and Ellis.

Ditmars reportedly was upset that Ellis had given Quarry’s sparring partners the day off. The two had words and later tangled. That’s when Quarry, who was working on the heavy bag at the time, got involved. Ellis’ two brothers, Jim, a linebacker for the Raiders briefly in 1987, and Shawn also entered what evolved into a melee.


Quarry ended up with nine stitches above his eye, according to Gray. And Ditmars was hospitalized with five broken ribs, a concussion and fluid in the lungs. He was released Wednesday.

The fight was in jeopardy anyway. Last week an expert appointed by Wisconsin Gov. Tommy Thompson had recommended that the bout not take place.

Gray said Quarry will be out of action for six to eight weeks, but hasn’t given up plans for a comeback.