Hipster Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs may no longer grace the earth, but don’t tell that to Stella Stegosaurus and Dinah Diplodocus.

They and a host of other prehistoric creatures are part of an acclaimed musical adventure titled “Dinosaur Rock.” The children’s quasi-rock opera will be performed at 7 p.m. today in the Ventura High School Auditorium.

An award-winning children’s album in 1984, “Dinosaur Rock” was adapted for the stage, its original songs performed by a septet of walking, talking and dancing dinosaurs.

“It’s education through entertainment,” said Brian Bemel, director of the Ventura Children’s Festival. “The kids have a high interest in dinosaurs,” he said. “Through the play and song, they are introduced to the different types, as well as such things as the theory of evolution.”


A yodeling paleontologist has the magical power to give life to a museum collection of dinosaurs. In a mixture of musical styles, from rock and swing to bluegrass and polka, seven reptiles portray their extinction and more.

Ventura High School Auditorium, is located at 2155 E. Main St., Ventura. Tickets are $6.50, $4.50 for children. Call 648-5251 or 650-9688.