Beverly Hills : Recycling Drop-Off Sites

City workers have put out extra containers and added another drop-off point to meet the demand of residents for ways to recycle their trash.

The program, introduced in time for Eath Day last month, has been so successful that the original six bins are filling up every day, Public Works Administrator Robert C. Bammes said.

Each location includes two containers, one for cans, glass and plastic bottles and another for paper.

The locations are:


* Coldwater Canyon Park, on the Sutton Way cul-de-sac.

* The southeast corner of Park Way and Beverly Drive.

* Near the children’s playground at Roxbury Park, in an alley.

* The entrance to the community center in La Cienega Park.

* The corner of Doheny and Hillcrest roads.

* The parking lot at 341 N. Foothill Road, across from the temporary City Hall.

* The new location, the corner of Elm Drive and Gregory Way.