Agassi Seeing Red Over Charge That Clothes Are Too Colorful


Andre Agassi clashed angrily with International Tennis Federation President Philippe Chatrier after sanctions were threatened today against players wearing colorful clothes at the French Open.

A statement by Chatrier, head of the French Tennis Federation, said several members of the tournament organizing committee "have been very disturbed by the dress of Agassi, for example."

Chatrier said the authorities were considering introducing new clothing regulations next year.

Agassi, who has been wearing black denim shorts and pink tights throughout the first week of the tournament, retorted: "Chatrier, he's a bozo."

The third-seeded Agassi, speaking to reporters after his third-round victory, said tennis authorities should get out from behind their desks and ask spectators if they enjoyed watching him play, rather than criticize him.

"The way Chatrier is handling the situation is a perfect example of why the tennis players wanted to start their own tour," he said in a reference to the Assn. of Tennis Professionals tour, which began this year.

Agassi said he was not concerned about missing the French Open in the future. "It would be one less tournament to play," he said.

As Agassi was speaking, the authorities reissued their statement and dropped all references to the 20-year-old American.

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