South County Surfers: ‘Golden Boys’ or ‘Princes of Darkness’?

I am a “kid” from Laguna Niguel writing in response to Linda Blandford’s column “Golden Boys, Princes of Darkness.” I, unlike most of the people writing to you about this article, think that young people of Dana Point are being unjustly stereotyped.

Last summer, Salt Creek Beach was a favorite hangout for me and many of my friends. I am Asian, and I have never been subjected to the racist behavior described in Ms. Blandford’s column.

In no way do I condone the behavior of this isolated group of individuals. It must be understood, though, that such occurrences do not reflect the behavior of the majority of Dana Point’s kids.

I would very much like to see those cruel boys punished, but please don’t punish us all with an unfair label.



Laguna Niguel