San Diego

The U.S. Border Patrol on Tuesday seized 1,100 pounds of marijuana that had apparently been backpacked into San Diego from Mexico in 10 large duffel bags that were found stashed in heavy brush, authorities said.

It is the second seizure of a so-called “mule train” load of marijuana recently.

U.S. immigration officials say the practice of ferrying in loads of illicit substances via the many border paths is on the increase.

On May 28, agents discovered 1,310 pounds of marijuana in the bed of a pickup abandoned near Monument Road, in a thinly populated area to the west of the port of entry at San Ysidro. Tuesday’s seizure took place in about the same area, which has long been a favored route for border-jumpers and is crisscrossed with their trails.


At about noon Tuesday, a Border Patrol agent approached two people on a trail commonly used by undocumented immigrants, according to the agency. One of the two drew a revolver from his waistband and both fled into the heavy brush near the Tijuana River, authorities said. Neither was apprehended. No shots were fired.

The agent followed the two and discovered 10 large duffel bags concealed in the brush, authorities said. The bags held smaller, marijuana-filled containers similar to those seized on May 28, authorities said. Authorities said they suspect that the substances were to be picked up by a smuggling vehicle.