COSTA MESA : Shots Fired, 2 Held After Drivers Argue

An argument between two motorists early Tuesday morning erupted into gunfire and a chase, police reported.

Police said no one was shot, but one vehicle overturned at the intersection of Red Hill Avenue and Bristol Street during the chase.

Two men later were arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon and attempted murder, Police Lt. Sam Cordeiro said .

The two suspects, Jose Castellon, 27, and Ramon Ayala, 26, both of Santa Ana, were captured as they fled on foot after their Ford Bronco overturned, Cordeiro related. A Costa Mesa police helicopter located the two men and directed units on the ground to them.


The driver who was fleeing from Castellon and Ayala was identified as Danny Heredia, 22, of Pomona. Heredia’s pickup truck was hit by one shot, but he was not hurt, Cordeiro said.

The incident started about 1:15 a.m. at the intersection of Bristol and Warner Avenue in Santa Ana. Cordeiro said Castellon, who was driving one truck, pulled alongside Heredia, who was also driving a truck, and an argument began. Heredia drove off, and Castellon pursued him south on Bristol Street, Cordeiro said.

At Red Hill and Bristol, Castellon’s Bronco overturned. Heredia stopped, apparently to observe, and Ayala, a passenger in Castellon’s truck, jumped out of the overturned vehicle and fired five shots at Heredia, Cordeiro said.

“Heredia wasn’t hit, but his truck was,” he added.

Castellon and Ayala then attempted to flee but were captured shortly afterwards. The two men suffered bruises from the accident, but neither was seriously hurt. They were booked into Costa Mesa Jail.

Cordeiro said Castellon is also being held on an outstanding warrant also charging him with assault with a deadly weapon.