A Monorail and Rail Alternatives

I take issue with those who perceive that those of us who voted for the monorail had “Disneyland fantasies.” On the contrary, I voted for it because it makes the most sense for a number of reasons.

A monorail along the freeway would affect fewer homeowners than a rail line along Victory Boulevard. Also, building a rail line that extends only to Sherman Oaks is ridiculous. Ventura Freeway traffic is backed up past Calabasas. Adding buses as an extension will only add to vehicle congestion. Getting people to take a bus and train is a lot tougher than just putting them on a train.

As a selling tool, a monorail moving over the freeway at 60 m.p.h. will start looking real good to people stuck in their cars under it at 5 m.p.h.

Richard Close, president of the Sherman Oaks Homeowners Assn., says a monorail will mean “noise, visual blight, parking congestion and increased traffic.” This sounds very much like a current description of the Ventura Freeway at rush hour, except the parking congestion is actually people trying to drive their cars.


A rail system based on Tomorrowland is a lot better than the Jungleland we currently have and will continue to have under other options.