Neil Bush’s Role in Failed Colorado S

After watching the testimony of Neil Bush on CNN I could only cringe to realize his ethics could have been handed him by the man who sits at the head of our nation--and it is quite frightening.

We have as a President a man whose name is over and over again entwined with the sale of arms to Iran as well as continued support of the Contras in Nicaragua--a man who was so “ethical” he selected the most unattractive running mate in order to avoid any impeachment--then he spouts about dictators and human dignity as he wraps himself in our flag to camouflage the real issues he should be confronting as our President--the deficit, the homeless, the dishonesty of people connected with high office, and inadequate education.

First Lady Barbara told the graduates to “listen to your children.” Did she listen to Neil as he gave his version of ethical behavior--oh well, the taxpayers will bite the bullet and pay or lose it all to the IRS while the corrupt count their payola.

We sit in our living rooms watching people in China rise up in protest, cheer as the Berlin wall comes down, and root for the people in the Balkans with candlelight parades asking for freedom. When do we as Americans say we have had enough of this corruption from the people we elect to serve us? Ah--perhaps it is the strong movement by our oppressed minorities for their rights that may inspire all of us to demand the reforms needed to insure we get ethical honest public servants.



Huntington Beach