Store Owner Sues Carlsbad Over Migrant Case


The owner of the Country Store in Carlsbad has filed a $4-million claim against the city, alleging that he was falsely arrested by police officers in connection with the January abduction of a 27-year-old Mexican migrant worker.

Rickey Ryberg, the older brother of Randy Ryberg--convicted earlier this month of misdemeanor false imprisonment in the case--also claims that he was slandered during his arrest at another convenience store he owns.

Ryberg was initially arrested Jan. 3 along with his brother, a baker and food wholesaler at the Country Store, in connection with the unlawful detainment of Candido Gayosso Salas as he sought work in the parking lot outside the store.

Both men were released shortly after their arrest. The district attorney’s office subsequently declined to pursue charges against Rickey Ryberg.


Randy Ryberg and William Zimmerman, a self-employed meat cutter at the Country Store, were tried in Vista Superior Court earlier this month for the incident, in which Gayosso was handcuffed to a store railing for more than two hours, then tied and hooded with a paper bag that read “ No Mas Aqui, " or No More Here.

Randy Ryberg, originally charged with felony false imprisonment, was convicted of a reduced charge. Zimmerman was acquitted on all charges.

Rickard Borg, a Carlsbad attorney representing the Country Store, said Friday that one $2-million claim alleges that Ryberg was arrested without probable cause.

The second claim, also for $2 million, alleges that a Carlsbad police officer entered a local convenience store also owned by Rickey Ryberg and made slanderous statements in front of two store employees.


Carlsbad City Atty. Vince Biondo could not be reached for comment.