MIXED MEDIA : *** "BANGLES GREATEST HITS" Bangles CMV Enterprises videocassette ($16.98) : Items in this survey of pop-related videos, books and laser discs are rated on a scale of one star (poor) to five (a classic).

At just 35 minutes, this compilation of nine music videos isn't much Bangles for the bucks, but it's enough to affirm that the group was one of the '80s best singles acts. Save for the overwrought "Eternal Flame" (fireworks and crashing waves?), all the clips show four young ladies living out their garage-rock fantasies--no less before than after they walked like Egyptians to the top of the charts. Not to be missed are the two earliest and most charmingly unself-conscious selections: "Hero Takes a Fall" and "Going Down to Liverpool"--the latter featuring a funnily put-upon Leonard Nimoy.

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