Bush Abandons Vow, Calls for Tax Increase to Reduce Deficit

Call it a lie, call it "prudence," call it whatever you want, but President Bush went back on his word to the American people with his proposal to increase taxes. The only real stand Bush took in both the 1988 Republican primary and general election was that he would refuse to raise taxes at every insistence of Congress. It is very likely that this pledge initiated his rebound from the 17-point deficit in the polls.

I am a 30-year-old conservative Republican. I've been a conservative Republican ever since I could vote. Taxes are an issue that conservatives feel very strongly about. "Moderate, mainstream" Republicans like Bush should beware that they need conservatives to win elections. Remember, no Republican can out democrat a Democrat.

To date, President Bush has abandoned conservatives at every opportunity during his two years in the White House. This should be the final straw. He has not supported conservative causes; conservatives should not support him when he needs their help. Enough is enough.


El Toro

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