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No Label for Young: Warner Bros. Records won't affix a parental advisory sticker to Neil Young's upcoming "Ragged Glory" album despite its use of a four-letter word in a song title and lyric. A warning label would have made the release the first by a major mainstream artist to be stickered under a recent voluntary agreement between the recording industry and several parent groups. Representatives of both the Recording Industry Assn. of America and the Parents Music Resource Center, the two organizations most prominently behind the stickering agreement, said Tuesday that they see no problem with Warners' decision in the Young case. Young told The Times that he is opposed to all stickering and is pleased by the Warners decision. "It's just a song," he said. "I didn't write it to make any point other than it's the only way to say what I wanted to say. That's what I understand is my right, and it's everyone else's right to either buy it or not."

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