Countywide : Nepotism Rules Not Broken, Board Says

The County Board of Supervisors decided Tuesday that Dist. Atty. Michael D. Bradbury did not violate anti-nepotism rules by allowing the head of his child-support division to keep his new wife on his staff.

The supervisors approved a report by the county Personnel Department saying the Civil Service Commission "concluded inaccurately" that C. Stanley Trom, the child-support unit's manager, had hiring and firing authority over his wife, Margaret Trom, an ombudsman in the division.

That power, called "appointing authority," actually was held by Bradbury, Personnel Director Ronald W. Komers said.

In addition, Komers told the board that on Nov. 15, Margaret Trom's position was placed under the authority of Assistant Dist. Atty. Colleen Toy White, removing Trom from her husband's supervision.

The Troms, both longtime county employees, married Oct. 7.

"With the change in reporting relationship, there is no direct or indirect supervision of the ombudsman function by an immediate family member," Komers said.

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