Windwand Flies With Greatest of Ease

The Windwand is like an elongated kite on a fishing pole; it's fun to swirl on the beach or any other open spaces.

The colorful, 40-foot-long, 4-inch-wide streamer--which comes in neon pink and black or neon pink and yellow--is easy to "fly." All you need to do is wave it in patterns from its telescoping fiberglass pole, which extends 12 feet.

"Anyone from 5 to 65 can do it," said Ken Kerry, president of Windwand in Santa Ana. "It's easy to handle, requires no special skills and is creative exercise at its best. . . . What excited us about it was not only how much fun it was to play with, but that the physical benefits derived were effortlessly achieved."

Kerry said some Southern California cheerleading groups and gymnasts have added the Windwand to routines. It comes with a tote bag and a stick to wind it up for storage.

In Southern California, Windwand is available at Toys 'R' Us stores, Keely Kites in Santa Monica and Palm Springs, and Newport Bazaar in Newport Beach. If you can't find it in your area, you can order it for $24.99, plus $3 shipping and handling, from Windwand, 200 N. Tustin Ave., Suite 100, Santa Ana, Calif. 92705; (800) 888-6463.

Shoes Stop You From Slip-Sliding Away

Traveling this summer? You might check out the new Traveler's Ultra Soles: thin, light and comfortable shower shoes that can keep you from slipping and guard against athlete's foot fungus. They also grip a wet boat dock or edge of a pool.

Ultra Soles have white mesh webbing and black elasticized heel straps on a Neoprene soles. They weigh only 1.6 ounces and come in a resealable pouch for easy transport in luggage, gym bags or back packs. They come in men's (small to XXXL) and women's (S to XXL) sizes.

To order Ultra Soles, send $5.99, plus $1.20 shipping and handling, to RE: Marketing Services, P.O. Box 7745, Ventura, Calif. 93006; (805) 650-1834.

Handy Gadget Keeps Feet Feeling Fresh

Here's another foot product, this one for gadget lovers. It's Fresh Feet, a foot powder dispenser that lets you dust your feet while standing or sitting.

To use, slip your foot into the metal dispenser, flip a pedal with your toe and, presto, your foot is powdered top and bottom.

The beige-colored unit is easy to fill and keeps powder confined so it doesn't scatter on your floor or rug. The vinyl covering on the dispenser's top can be personalized with your initials.

Fresh Feet costs $39.95, plus $2 shipping and handling (Californians add 6.75% sales tax), and is available from Telecomp Corp., 5974 Buckingham Parkway, Suite 401, Culver City, Calif. 90230; (213) 216-4335.

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