OXNARD : Curbside Recycling Being Considered

Oxnard officials are considering a curbside recycling program to supplement several of the city’s other recycling efforts.

The program will be discussed Aug. 21, when the Public Works Department is scheduled to present a recycling study to the City Council.

The aluminum, glass and paper curbside recycling program, which was outlined in a city memo released last week, would start in October or November with 3,000 homes.

After six to nine months, the program would be evaluated, and if found economically feasible, would be expanded to the rest of the city, the memo says.


For 18 months, the city has operated a glass and paper recycling program for restaurants and office buildings. The programs collect about five tons of glass and two tons of office paper per month.

For six months, the Parks and Recreation Department has collected wood chips generated by the city’s tree-trimming program. The wood chips have been used for mulch at city parks, medians and parkways.