Seau Says He's Ready to Lower Pay Demands

From Associated Press

Linebacker Junior Seau, the San Diego Chargers' top draft pick, says he's ready to lower his contract demands again and take a new approach to try to end his 23-day holdout.

"Right now, I'm still at $1.35 million a year, but there have been changes. It's negotiable," Seau said Monday. "We're ready to go in and approach it in different ways. We'll lower it, but not in the sense that we're going to give all our guns away."

Seau will undoubtedly miss at least a second preseason game no matter when he signs.

Seau, the fifth player chosen in the draft, has been seeking a contract worth more than the five-year, $6-million pact signed by Tampa Bay's Keith McCants, the fourth player chosen overall.

Chargers General Manager Bobby Beathard said he's anxious to resume negotiations with Seau's agent, Steve Feldman, but reiterated that it would be pointless unless Seau dropped his asking price below the $1.2 million a year paid to McCants.

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