ANAHEIM : Council Postpones Zoning Decision

About 100 residents appeared at the City Council meeting Tuesday to protest a developer's proposal to build a 17-unit condominium complex in their neighborhood. The council postponed action on the issue until Sept. 25.

The continuance was requested by the developer, Farano and Kieviet, because time was needed for "additional study," said Floyd Farano.

The development would require a zoning change to allow more units to be built in the older residential area in west Anaheim than are allowed by the city plan.

The zoning change "opens up the whole middle of the neighborhood to development, and the neighbors just don't want it," said Bob Carter, a member of the Orange Avenue Homeowners Assn.

Residents have said they could live with the 10 to 15 units allowed under current zoning, but are opposed to the change, fearing it could lead to an even more dense project than Farano and Kieviet are proposing.

Residents were displeased by Tuesday's delay.

"We didn't want it to be continued. We have been fighting this for almost two years," resident Nancy Farley said.

The project originally was planned for up to 90 apartment units, but the homeowners group had been successful in scaling it down, arguing it was not compatible with their single-family neighborhood.

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