IRVINE : Mayor Recuperating After Hospital Stay

Mayor Sally Anne Sheridan is recuperating at her beach home in Crystal Cove today after contracting a lung infection that resembles meningitis because of the severe headaches that accompany the condition.

Sheridan, 55, spent five days at Hoag Hospital for tests and treatment after suffering severe headaches early last week. She left the hospital Monday.

Sheridan underwent treatment for a virulent form of influenza and her doctor has ordered her to rest at home for at least a week. Her doctor told her to avoid contact with people because the illness and medication have weakened her resistance to other diseases, Sheridan said.

"I'm grounded," she joked Tuesday. "I'm feeling so good right now. I still have residual headaches, and it's going to take me a little while to get over that."

Sheridan said she is taking long walks on the beach and conducting city business at home while recuperating. She has ceased her real estate work in order to get more rest, she said.

While in the hospital, Sheridan said, she was shocked at the huge outpouring of support she received in the form of flowers, balloons, T-shirts and even a chocolate shake.

"It's wonderful to know people care and are concerned," she said.

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