<i> Films going into production: </i>

The Commitments (Beacon Communications). Shooting in Dublin. Alan Parker directs this ensemble piece focusing on a group of Irish working-class kids who form a band inspired by American soul musical artists. Executive producers Tom Rosenberg and Armyan Bernstein. Producers Roger Randall-Cutler and Lynda Myles. Screenwriters Ian LaFrenais and Dick Clement. Stars Robert Arkins, Angeline Ball and Johnny Murphy. Distributor Fox (domestic), Sovereign Pictures (foreign).

Clifford (Dinosaur Films). Shooting in L.A. Martin Short plays a mischievous 10-year-old boy who terrorizes bachelor uncle Charles Grodin during a memorable stay in L.A. Producers Larry Brezner and Pieter Jan Brugge. Director Paul Flaherty. Screenwriters Steven Kampmann and Will Aldis. Distributor Orion.

Mystery Date (Perils Prods.). Shooting in Vancouver. “Dead Poets Society’s” Ethan Hawke stars in this romantic comedy of a young girl and guy on their inaugural date. Unusual predicaments develop during the evening. Producer Cathleen Summer. Director Jonathan Wacks. Screenwriters Parker Bennett and Terry Runte.

One Good Cop (Hollywood Pictures). Shooting in New York and L.A. Michael Keaton takes a sympathetic turn (after a psycho role in the upcoming “Pacific Heights”) as a hardened NYC detective. His character inherits three young girls after his longtime partner is extinguished in the line of duty. Executive producer Harry Colomby. Producer Laurence Mark. Director/screenwriter Heywood Gould. Also stars Rene Russo and Anthony LaPaglia. Distributor Buena Vista. Summer release.


Whore (Cheap Date, Inc.). Shooting in L.A. Erotic expressionist Ken Russell directs Theresa Russell in this film based on the play by David Hines. The steamy story concerns a lady of the evening who is maliciously pursued by her hateful pimp. Executive producer Mark Amin. Producers Dan Ireland and Ronaldo Vasconcellos. Screenwriter K. Russell. Distributor Vidmark.

Wishman (Wishman Prods.). Shooting in Hawaii and L.A. Paul Le Mat and Vincent Schiavelli (the subway spirit in “Ghost”) head this one about a genie (Schiavelli) who happens to get separated from his lamp on a Beverly Hills night on the town. Executive producers John Paul DeJoria and Curt Hendrix. Producers Lon Tinney and Bill Minot. Director/screenwriter Mike Marvin. Also stars Brion James, Geoffrey Lewis, Rance Howard and Clint Howard.