Burning Candle as a Treasured GiftFor a...

Burning Candle as a Treasured Gift

For a lift or a gift, consider the scented, handcrafted Treasure Candle, which contains tiny treasures that are revealed as it burns.

There are a dozen designs, but the pyramids, large (6-inch base; 6 inches tall) and small (4-by-4 inches) are the most popular, said Frances McCaffrey, the candle’s designer and a Hollywood artist and actress. Among the other designs: spheres, eggs, hearts, pigs, rabbits, stars and Christmas trees.

They are priced from $10 to $30, depending on size and the treasures within. All the designs contain a crystal and have varied treasures, such as unicorns, dragons, elephants, whales and hearts.


After two to three hours of burning, the first treasures appear, McCaffrey said, adding that the candles will burn from 10 to 30 hours. The treasures are “right in the wax, so you just take them out with tweezers or chopsticks and wipe them off.”

Part of the proceeds from each candle go to support Tierra del Sol in Sunland, an institute for the mentally disabled, McCaffrey said, adding that Amnesty International receives $1 from each sale of her latest creation, a dove-shaped Freedom Candle containing a piece of the Berlin Wall. The Freedom Candle sells for $40.

Treasure Candles are available nationwide in gift and specialty shops. Stores in the Southern California area carrying them include Missouri Trader in Hollywood, American Collectibles in Sherman Oaks, Nature’s Own at the Beverly Center and in Santa Monica, Aura’s in West Hollywood, Lolita’s in Century City and Moonrose in San Juan Capistrano. If you can’t find them in your area, contact Treasure Candles, 3208 W. Cahuenga Blvd., Hollywood, Calif. 90068; (213) 876-MELT or (818) 761-MELT.

Paper Plate Dispenser Offers Extra Storage


If you use paper plates at home, in your RV or boat, consider Pop-A-Plate, a durable plastic dispenser that fits neatly under a cabinet or shelf to provide extra storage space and a tidy kitchen. Paper plates pull out easily one at a time.

The dispenser, which comes in white or almond, holds up to 100 plates at a time, depending on thickness. It works well for disposable 9-inch diameter plates--paper, plastic or foam. The top half of the unit attaches to the underside of a cabinet with three screws, which are included. The plates go in the bottom, which slips into the top.

Pop-A-Plate retails for about $6. It’s available nationwide in groceries, drugstores and department stores. In Southern California, you can find the dispenser at Lucky, Alpha-Beta, Fedco, Builders’ Square, Camping World, Fredson’s RV in Santa Ana and selected Sav-On, Safeway and Longs Drug Stores. If you can’t find the unit in your area, contact Perfection Products Inc., 22672 Lambert St., Suite 620, El Toro, Calif. 92630; (714) 770-3489.